EV Project



Yes, big things happened today, or err thing. I finally managed to take some time to post some progress. So far, I’m still waiting for my LEAF as I type this, though

it should not be much longer. My car does exist and it’s been in Long Beach at the port for over a month now. As you may or may not know, last month I had a

AV EVSE installed in the garage in preparation for the car arriving. Last week, I found out that I had been accepted into the EV Project! I had signed up many months ago,

but I had not heard anything from them. I assumed I had not gotten in. However, when I found out that I did make it into the program, I decided to go ahead and get the

blink EVSE and replace the AV one. The blink charging dock is a smart charger while the AV dock isn’t. In fact, for what I paid for it, the AV EVSE didn’t seem worth the price.

The Blink unit was free, a gift from the DOE. I also get the quick charge port on the car for free too, a gift of Nissan, but require being part of the EV Project. So, all in all, I’m not

loosing much money in the process since I’ll be selling my AV unit. That will help and my lease will be $700 cheaper. That also means less sale tax too.


I’m much happier to have the blink dock, because it has more features. It’s connected right now to my home wireless network. I can even use my computer to access the dock.

As you can see, there is a LCD screen on the front of it and the menu allows me to check statistics that will show how much I spend on charging, for one example. I really like that

it will compare gas cost versus electric, so I will be able to see how much money I am saving. Now all I need is the car…

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