It's Time To Vote!

Yes my friends, it is that time again, it is time to vote. I urge all of you to make sure to get out to vote today if you are registered. If not, you may still be able to register at your local polling place and vote as some states will allow you to do so. I’m not sure which states though. Voting allows us to make a statement. It gives us power over the government and it can send a sweeping message of change. You may not believe that your vote counts, but it does. The best part is that voting is anonymous. No one has to know who you vote for. So, show that you support your nation and do your civic duty and vote today!

Of course, you may not be interested or eligible to vote in this election. You may have given up on representative government and don’t frankly care about who is in power. If this is you, then you can still vote today, but for a different cause! The Nissan Leaf Contest! You could vote for me! It’s not a political contest, but you can help me win a Nissan Leaf! Think of it as good karma. What goes around comes around! If that doesn’t convince you, then how about this video:

Next off, I would like to talk about the Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear. What a rally it was! I’d estimate there was around 300,000 people based on who claimed they were attending on facebook. There could have been more and we will never really know how many actually showed up. Let’s just say, a lot showed up. So much so that there were quite a lot of people who couldn’t see or hear what was going on. I was lucky, because I got then an hour early and was able to get a decent spot. Others, who were good climbers, found themselves up in a tree. At least they could see, though I all the chanting, “Yes you can!” at the climbers at times was distracting. I was impressed by how supportive the crowd was though.

The rally was not really political, though there was a political undertone. John did have some serious words at the end where he talked about the need for Americans to come together and how Washington and the media are the only places where a team spirit is lacking. I really hope that after this election Washington will be able to work together. But, when it comes to stubborn ways, it’s just not going to happen.

I did really enjoy the rally and it was my first time in such a large crowd. I met so many interesting people. People from New York, to Ohio, to even Nigeria and of course local Washington DC folks. The best part of the rally was being around so many reasonable and calm people. I like to think that the crowd at the rally was representative of the majority of America. We just want stuff to get done and want the negativity in politics to stop! That is not likely to happen. Some personalities just clash. Here is a short video I took at the rally:

Last month kept me busy and I have to say it did effect my school work a bit. Thankfully, this month will be quieter as all I have is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! Oh and also I should mention that there are only eight days left to vote in the Nissan Leaf Contest! So, please vote for me if you have not done so, I really appreciated it! With that said, I should probably start reading the next chapter in my text book. That’s all for now!

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