Busy October

Lot’s of things are happening this month for Scott Brown! Yesterday was my test drive of the soon to be released Nissan Leaf! I had a great time. Make sure to vote for my video: https://drivenissanleaf.com/Win/Vote.aspx?b=ZH684667B277 to help me win a Leaf!

The test drive was in Anaheim at the convention center in Orange County, California. I’ve been there before and so getting there was easy. Every major automaker was there. I didn’t feel like looking at all the cars though, because I was there for the Leaf. I did get a look at the Honda CR-Z and the Honda Insight while I was there.

My mom came with me and we got there with plenty of time to find the test drive area. There was a short tour before the drive that covered some of the statistcs of the car. For example, the batteries for the car had been in development for about twenty years and do not require any type of cooling or heating system in most driving areas (though in some climate there is an option for a cooling/heating system). The drive range can be from around 60 miles per charge to 135 miles. Most people will probably get around 80-100 miles per charge on average. The car itself reminds me a lot of my 05 civic in terms of size and how it feels to drive. Acceleration is my favorite part, it has a lot of pep and that is of course because it has 100% torque. No shifting is required at all, no manual or automatic transmission.

Despite it’s small size, the inside is very roomy. Even tall guys and gals can fit easily in the front or back seats. Cargo room is good too. The car, because it is so quite, makes a customizable sound when you turn it on. It has a speaker on the outside of the car (I couldn’t find it) that makes sounds for people outside the car to let them know the car is near. It has a backup beep sound and a quite noise that shuts off after you go over 18mpr. This was designed for blind pedestrians. These sounds can be turned off while you drive, but automatically activate for the next time you turn on the car.

Perhaps the best part of this car is that it drives like a normal car, not like a golf cart. After a little bit, you forget that it’s 100% electric. Nissan has hit their 20,000 reserve goal, so for now you can’t reserve one if you haven’t already. Reservations should start up early next year. Over 80% of reservations so far have been from people who have never purchased a Nissan before. I think this shows the excitement about electric cars and that the public is ready to go back to electric or at least a large portion of the public.

So, there is two weeks left to go until more exciting things happen. Blizzcon is coming up this month and I did manage to get a ticket! This time will be a bit different because I don’t plan to spend all weekend there. Last time it was fun, but took a lot of energy out of me so I think I’ll just be there for a few hours instead of the whole day. I’ll check out what events they will have and see what panels they are going to have this time. Of course, I have to catch Jay Moor’s stand up again and the contests are fun to watch.

Then the weekend after Blizzcon is my Washington DC trip. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a long flight, not as long as Hawaii was, but this time I’ll be flying on Jet Blue. I’ve heard good things about this airline and so I’m looking forward to the Jet Blue experience. Unfortunately, I’m only going to get one full day in DC, but it will be worth it being at the rallies.

Not to mention that I still haven’t gotten any word with AV will install my charging station for the Leaf, so this is an action packed month!

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