Islam, Nissan Leaf, and Human Sexuality

I’ve been hesitant to comment on the growing resentment of American Muslims or Islam in general, but I feel that I should speak up. I’m not of the Islamic faith myself. My only connection to Islam is that my step-grandmother on my father’s side is from Iran. I also realize that while technically I no longer belong to Christianity and am not religious, I still understand why religion is an important part of most societies.

Right now it is uncertain whether the burning of the Qur’an will happen Saturday or if Pastor Jones will find a way to bow out gracefully and cancel the event for good. Earlier today it seemed that he had done so, being satisfied with the supposed moving of the Park 51 community center in New York. The Islamic center as of this time will not be moved. Yet, Jones believed that it would be and thus he had decided to cancel the book burning. Later on, he discovered that he was mistaken and so as of now the Qur’an burning “event” as been put on hold.

I feel this is an example of extreme thought. There is nothing wrong with religious faith, but when it drives you to act offensively then it goes to far. I do not know of any religion that truly preaches hate. If you talk to any mainstream Christain, Muslim, or Jew they are likely to say that their relgion preaches acceptance, love, and understanding. I could be wrong, but I do know that true Christians should not support buring any religious book. Already there have been protests in the Muslim world over the proposed buringing of the Qur’an on Saturday, September 11th. There is also a legitmate concern about our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope the pastor will realized that his “event” will offend mainstream Muslims and not just extreemists and that he potentially is putting our troops further in harms way.

My main point is that we Americans need to respect each other even if we have different religious beliefs. It’s also important to remember that Muslim Terrorists are a minority and extreme group. Christians who bomb abortion clinics and kill such doctors are also in my mind extreme terrorists. Most people who follow the Islamic faith are NOT terrorists nor do they wish to see the death of American. We have many Americans who are Muslim in this country and because of this the planned book burning should be offensive to all Americans. Here, we value the freedom to practice religion and that does not exclude Islam. Hopefully, the voices of tolerance and acceptance can drown out the voices of discrimination.

With that said, it’s time to move on to some Nissan Leaf news. First off, Nissan made some cool Leaf mouse pads. I got two of them. The have some interesting facts on them, such as the seats are made out of recycleable material. I know, it’s not much news. However, I have decided that I will probably lease the Leaf because Nissan will drop the price of the car by $7,500, because they will in turn file for the tax break so that I won’t have to. I was told by one Nissan dealership that I could lease it for three to six months and then buy the car. I’ve never heard about an option to buy the car before the lease is up, but that is something that I will look into. I should still be able to get the $5,000 rebate from California, assuming that the rebate is extended next year. With that and combining what I could get form selling my car I might be able to buy the Leaf at a used price farily easy after six months or so. While I tend to perfer getting a loan and just buying the car initially instead of leasing it, I probably won’t qualify for the federal tax incentive because it is a tax refund and I doubt I’ll make enough money this year to get the full refund.

Finally, I am officially announcing my desire to study human sexuality once I graduate from Ashford University with my BA in Psychology. The only school that I have found so far that has any programs on human sexuality is the University of San Francisco. They have a partial distance learning plan which would only require me to be on campus for two weeks per trimester. That certainly could work for me as I could do most of my schooling here at home. Though I could spend more then just two weeks per trimester. I’m excited about moving in this direction.

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