One Step Closer To The Electric Car

About a week and a half ago I finally had my home assessment for the charging station for the Nissan Leaf. It was quick, the guy was here for about twenty minutes. The good news is that the installation shouldn’t take more then a day. All they had to do is add a breaker and install the charge station. So, I’d guess it would take a couple of hours give or take. I finally got the quote it it comes in just under $2500. Which isn’t too surprising since most people seem to be getting a similar quote. The government will pay for half the cost of the installation, so that’s about $1200 off. It will be a while before I can schedule the installation, probably in October.

On another note, I’m back from Hawaii, obviously! I also won my unemployment case against Blockbuster Video! So, it can be assumed I’ve get some needed stress relief. It’s nice to get a vacation, but I am really glad to be home again!