Show Some American Patriotism!

Happy Independence Day from!

Just in case I forget to post this tomorrow I’m doing this now. I know that often there are a lot of issues that polarize us in politics and sometimes we even feel frustrated with the government. But, I hope we can all still show a little bit of patriotism tomorrow. There is a lot of good still going on in this country and even if we have disagreements we are all Citizens of this nation. We have the same goals, to live the life that we see fit to live. Regardless of our political afflictions or lack there of we want the best for this nation. We have a rich history and yes as a country we have made mistakes. Though we are not perfect, we have an honest desire to help make the world a better place. We have had hard lessons to learn. We ended slavery, ushered in the civil rights movement, and gave women the right to vote. We have also done great things too. We helped our allies during the first and second World Wars, we have given aid to nations that need food, we have sent help to Haiti after the earthquake that struck there.

This coming Independence Day, July 4th, let us remember the sacrifices that were made to give us the freedoms we have and let us not take for granted what we have. Let us continue to be the proud and humble nation that I believe us to be! For liberty and justice for all!

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