Give The Girl A Break!

I was on the Starcraft 2 beta site as I am a beta tester for the game and yes I think it’s coming along steadily. There often are off topic posts on web forums and found one about a guy who was spouting off some sexist comments. There was a debate about the psychological differences between men and women and I wanted to get in my take. Of course before I could get my say in Blizzard or the original poster deleted the topic. Which, in my view was the right thing to do as it seemed inappropriate for that forum anyway. Here is my post, that didn’t get published:

“I have to disagree with the statement that men and women are very different. I believe there are more similarities then differences. Both men and women share skills, abilities, and qualities. Both fall in love, can be kind, compassionate, angry, violent, etc…

You may not agree, but as I see it, men and women are not much different.

As far as talking about psychology goes, it is important to point out that most of this science is theoretical. Meaning, that there are very few proven facts in psychology. Yes it is based on research, experimentation, and other scientific processes. But, the human mind is not as simple as say mathematics. There are so many different views in psychology and some are more supported then others. Just remember that even theories like evolution, though I do believe in its validity, is just a theory. It’s not proven science but well supported science theory. That is not to say that evolution is not true, it’s just not 100% verified.

If you focus on what makes women and men different you may over-look the similarities and naturally you would believe there are more differences then similarities.”

I do love to talk philosophy and science so I am a bit disappointed that the topic was deleted. I will say as a disclaimer that the author of the deleted topic was probably doing it as a joke. I doubt his authenticity. I mean, who uses a video game forum to spout options about non-video game subjects?

One thought on “Give The Girl A Break!

  1. As a man who is earning his college degree in a field of social science, you should be more responsible not to spread the misconception that the idea of macro-evolution is a scientific theory. I wrote a long paper on it a couple of years ago, but it's embarrassing how many scientists and educated folks get such a simply defined thing wrong and then perpetuate the incorrect use of the terminology into the general public's mindset.

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