Plumber! "Hey it's a-me a Mario!"

Where’s Mario Mario when you need him? (Yes I’m talking about Super Mario Bros and yes his last name is Mario. What kind of parents name their kid Mario Mario? I mean Luigi Mario sounds ok, but seriously the poor guy has lived in the shadows of his brother and he has to share the same last name Mario?)

Opps, went off on a tangent there. Anyway, it seems that my family has had to hire a plumber because my brother forgot he wasn’t one! 😉 Well, ok that’s harsh. Anyway, we knew we were going to have to replace two faucets in the garage that connect to the water heater and the washing machine. They are very rusty. And my brother was trying to take one off so we new what size to get to replace the rusty faucets and in the process broke it so we are sitting right now with no water. On top of that I was waiting to go pick up something for my air filter. Now I have to wait for the plumber to get here.

I’m hungry, yes, I would like to eat something but I want water. I might have some apple juice still somewhere, now that I think of it. Maybe I should go look. If the water is off though, I can’t cook anything having to do with water obviously. Maybe there’s still some frozen food in the freezer that I could have. Hold on a moment I’m going to check.

Isn’t this just a fantastic rambling post! Yes I do apologize that I don’t post enough on this here blog, but I have not really thought of anything interesting to say on any one subject for a while. In fact, I get so busy with other activities that I forget my website exists! So, here is a fun random post and I’ll work on posting more stuff.

One thought on “Plumber! "Hey it's a-me a Mario!"

  1. This is southern California – you should have bottled water around in case a bad earthquake messes up your water supply… or a brother 🙂

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