My First Doctor Visit

I was trying to come up with some kind of catchy or silly title for this post, but then I just went with this one. Yes folks, I visited a doctor for the first time yesterday and had my first shots ever. Two, which are not as painful as I had thought. Scott Brown was a brave man sitting in the examination chair with my shirt off during the procedure. I had visited a dermatologist to take care of something that causing a skin irritation. I won’t go any more detailed then that!

Of course I have no health insurance, who does these days? Oh there are people who do? Well, I didn’t but the procedure was well under $300 so that wasn’t too bad. That also included the initial examination. Over all, I was probably at the doctor’s office for about an hour and a half. The procedure itself took about five minutes and my pain went away by the end of the day. Wasn’t so much pain afterward as sore. Now the irritation is gone and I feel like my old self again.

What I did learn the most was that I am more likely to see a doctor in the future if I have a physical problem. Here’s hoping I need to go to one again for another twenty-eight years or so!