You are SPAM, or are you?

I thought it was time for a good old fashion silly post, or perhaps not so silly? In this world, there was a type of meat that was not quite meat. It kept well and was quite salty. This was called SPAM and is famous or infamous depending on who you talk to. Anyway, one day someone decided to use the word SPAM to mean unwanted e-mail. And then it basically became associated with anything that was either too much, overflowing, or possibly computer generated and sent right into your inbox. And then one day my website had a face lift and became a blog. Comments came and didn’t stop. So much that some were labeled SPAM and then deleted. To make things worse, I occasionally I have to decide what is SPAM and what isn’t! I’m not always confident in my ability to tell the difference.

So, for all of you who are real, exist, and are not computers or advertising something completely unrelated to my website, I do apologize if your comment has gotten deleted. And, yes I did use the word SPAM a lot in this post about SPAM. I guess I just like saying the world SPAM even though technically I’m typing the word SPAM and not actually saying it out loud. There, I think that’s enough about SPAM for one day.

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