No, I'm not the senator from MA, but I'm totally cooler!

It has come to my attention that I’m getting a lot of attention, lasting for about nine seconds. Why is this you may ask? Because a certain Republican has become a senator of Massachusetts. Now, I don’t get involved too much in politics, but it seems that he has caused quite a stir. People are doing Internet searches for him and are finding my website! I am the coolest Scott Brown in the world right? Ok, don’t answer that. Anyway, I like the attention but unfortunately once it is realized that I am not the senator people are leaving my site right away. I implore you all, do not be disappointed! I have fun stories and I am sometimes funny on occasion!

Really people, who wants to find out about some political dude anyway? Are not writers much more fun? Am I right?

Ok, well if you aren’t going to stay could you at least buy something? A mug or a t-shirt? Heck, my audio CD is wicked awesome, or I think it is. Hopefully.

Haha, well at least I can say I have a good name and even if it means I get a little bit more attention that is something I can be happy with. So, let’s hope Senator Brown stays in the news for a while. Hell, a good scandal would be great too! So, if the good Senator happens upon my site, give a Scott a break huh? You can wait for a while cuz really you kind of lucked out. I mean, the Dems have kept the seat you won for centuries. This may be your only term! 😉 So if you feel like it, do something stupid, I might get another nine seconds of fame!