No, I'm not the senator from MA, but I'm totally cooler!

It has come to my attention that I’m getting a lot of attention, lasting for about nine seconds. Why is this you may ask? Because a certain Republican has become a senator of Massachusetts. Now, I don’t get involved too much in politics, but it seems that he has caused quite a stir. People are doing Internet searches for him and are finding my website! I am the coolest Scott Brown in the world right? Ok, don’t answer that. Anyway, I like the attention but unfortunately once it is realized that I am not the senator people are leaving my site right away. I implore you all, do not be disappointed! I have fun stories and I am sometimes funny on occasion!

Really people, who wants to find out about some political dude anyway? Are not writers much more fun? Am I right?

Ok, well if you aren’t going to stay could you at least buy something? A mug or a t-shirt? Heck, my audio CD is wicked awesome, or I think it is. Hopefully.

Haha, well at least I can say I have a good name and even if it means I get a little bit more attention that is something I can be happy with. So, let’s hope Senator Brown stays in the news for a while. Hell, a good scandal would be great too! So, if the good Senator happens upon my site, give a Scott a break huh? You can wait for a while cuz really you kind of lucked out. I mean, the Dems have kept the seat you won for centuries. This may be your only term! 😉 So if you feel like it, do something stupid, I might get another nine seconds of fame!

Holy Rain Batman!

Sorry Mark, this isn’t a post about Batman, but it is a post about rain! Namely, it was really rainy at my house today! Wowsers!

So here are a few pictures of just how wet it was outside:

Don't drink da Wadda
Don’t drink da wadda
Seriously, look there's a lot of dirt there!
There goes the front yard...
There goes the front yard…

There you have…wet and rainy. You can even click on the pictures for a closer look!

Update 01/17/2010

Yes, time for another website update!

First, to start of, I should say proudly that I have managed to up my blog posts a bit more frequently now. The holiday season is gone and I am glad to a point. It was nice, but I’m glad I don’t have to listen to any more Christmas music for a while! I love it but after a while it gets a bit overboard.

As most of you may have or have not noticed, there hasn’t been any news for a while with regards to my creative writing endeavors. That is because I have been preoccupied with school. Last summer I started attending Ashford University as many of you probably know. It has taken up a lot of my time, they are accelerated courses. However the only real sacrifice I have made thus far was giving up my creative writing for a while. So, I thought since my school work is taken center stage I’d go ahead and make some of my research papers available to download.  I have added two of my papers which I had the most fun in writing. They are, “Why Do We Dream?” and “The Sense Of Self.” These psychology papers delve into some interesting topics. I do plan on making more of my papers available in the future. I’m going to stick to my papers where I got to choose the topics as I had more fun with them. I could post all of them, but I’d rather not unless you can’t wait to learn about nuerons and the central nervous system!

Where can I download these papers and sink my teeth into them??  Where else but in my download section!

…Oh alright I’ll post the links here in this blog, you lazies!

The Sense Of Self

Why Do We Dream?

Alright then, that’s it for now kiddies!

Oh and I almost forgot, on a side not that is. The download section has been changed a bit. Now you have but to click on the title of one of my works to download it. Remember, links are in white!