Midnight Psychology: "Weird Neighbor"

Well, finally I set aside some time to make my latest announcement which I was intending to do last week. I have been working on a somewhat secret project for the past few months. When I started writing, I wanted to focus on novels. I thought I wanted to break into the literary business. It was a fun and humbling experience to be sure. For the past few years I have been looking for new formats to show my creative side. I started writing short stories, then I did my first audio book, and finally thought about writing movie scripts. But then I thought about the internet, how amazing the things you can do with it! So, I came up with a new idea, an internet show sort of based on the television show format. I teamed up with my good friend, Mark Mushakian, and together we created “Midnight Psychology.”

The show is about a man named Robert MacDonwald who is a bit eccentric. One late night, Robert goes over to his neighbor’s house and asks him to video tape something. The curious and anxious neighbor Sam decides to see what’s up. What ensues can only be described as insanity and hilarity. The first episode is titled “Weird Neighbor” and can be found on YouTube. Or you can watch it right here! There are currently two episodes that are finished and posted. Two more episodes are in production. And hopefully many more to come!

Here is part 2 of the first episode:

I’ll be posting episode 2 on this site in a day or two. You can watch it now on YouTube at:


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