First Year Anniversary!

Well, September marks the first anniversary of the this site! Yay! That’s right, somehow I’ve kept things going with only a few minor interruptions. Sadly, I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like on creative writing, as I have mentioned before. However, again I am at least getting some done for a new project which I’m going to announce soon. Also, there is always the fun research papers which have all turned out quite well so far. I’m planing to post some of them soon. Just don’t try to use them for school, because you’ll get found out quite quickly thanks to the online submission systems. Basically, teachers and professors submit their student’s papers into a national database. It’s a great way to cut down on plagiarism.

Anyway, it’s been another year full of ups and downs but things will be turning around soon. On a sad note, I recently lost my father to Cancer. It really felt too soon, but that is how life works out sometimes. My love and support for all of you who have lost someone to the illness. I know someday we will find a cure, yes we can.

Now then, to get back to a positive note, I’m going to try and be around more often! Does this mean more posting from me? Probably! There is going to be a special addition to celebrate one year of my blog, so stay tuned! Well, ok this isn’t radio or TV so that phrase doesn’t really work. How about I end it by saying, come back soon?

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