Norm MacDonald

I found out tonight what happens when I meet a celebrity. Some people go gaga crazy while others keep their poise and composure. What do I do? Aloof. That’s right, I accidentally ignore them. I’ll explain.

Tonight, my family and I went to the Irvine Improv to see Norm MacDonald perform some comedy. The show itself was amazing and I have to say that Norm was funnier then I’ve ever seen him. Even more funny then when he was on SNL. I even actually technically met him, sort of. We had just arrived at the improv and parked a considerable length away. As we were walking down the sidewalk to the club, my brother said “Hey look it’s Norm MacDonald!” Now apparently, another guy walking in between us was paying attention, because for some reason I wasn’t. As said before, me equals aloof. The guy who heard my brother stopped and approached Norm. He wanted a photograph, which Norm obliged to, and the guy asked me to take the photo. Now, I saw Norm just before I was asked to take the photo, but I didn’t reconcile him at first. It was kind of dark. I agreed to take the picture, not realizing who I was taking a photo of until I was framing the shot.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so after I took the shot I handed the camera back and then continued walking to the club feeling a bit embarrassed. Sure, I could have said something like: “Oh, hey, Norm MacDonald.” But, I thought I’d look like an idiot so I decided to pretend like I didn’t know who he was. (Yes, too self-conscious, but whatever).

Of course, once inside, I saw Norm again. And this time we did glance at each other with momentary eye contact. I assume he noticed me since I was warring a blue jacket which was easy to spot. I could only wonder if he had a chuckle to himself. He probably said something to himself like, “Hey, there’s that guy who took a picture of me and didn’t know who I was. How strange to see that he will be in the audience.”

I can only chuckle at myself, because I finally got to kinda sort of not really meet a celebrity. A funny man that has always made me laugh. And, yes I could have gotten a photo with him too, but foolishness got the best of me.

Even so, it was a great night tonight and I will remember it for quite a long time. The good news is now I have a funny kind of sad, but wonderful story to tell!

First Year Anniversary!

Well, September marks the first anniversary of the this site! Yay! That’s right, somehow I’ve kept things going with only a few minor interruptions. Sadly, I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like on creative writing, as I have mentioned before. However, again I am at least getting some done for a new project which I’m going to announce soon. Also, there is always the fun research papers which have all turned out quite well so far. I’m planing to post some of them soon. Just don’t try to use them for school, because you’ll get found out quite quickly thanks to the online submission systems. Basically, teachers and professors submit their student’s papers into a national database. It’s a great way to cut down on plagiarism.

Anyway, it’s been another year full of ups and downs but things will be turning around soon. On a sad note, I recently lost my father to Cancer. It really felt too soon, but that is how life works out sometimes. My love and support for all of you who have lost someone to the illness. I know someday we will find a cure, yes we can.

Now then, to get back to a positive note, I’m going to try and be around more often! Does this mean more posting from me? Probably! There is going to be a special addition to celebrate one year of my blog, so stay tuned! Well, ok this isn’t radio or TV so that phrase doesn’t really work. How about I end it by saying, come back soon?

Please, adopt-a-graduate


I don’t normally do much YouTubeing, though I do find a gem here and there. Be sure to check out my channel on YouTube, there’s a link on this site and as always I’ll post the link here in this blog post.


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