Update 7/12/2009

Just a quick site update. It appears that Internet Explorer is not loading my website correctly. I do apologize for this, though it’s not my fault! It could be wordpress or maybe just IE. Whatever the case, you can always us an alternative browser like Safari or Firefox.



Also, my original plan to continue my video blog has been suspended for now. Mostly due to laziness and school. I’m also going to blame the temperatures out here in California too, somehow that’s involved.

Anyway, if you are having trouble viewing my website just try one of the links above to download a different browser.

3 thoughts on “Update 7/12/2009

  1. IE is a pain in the neck, but that still shouldn't be happening. I test on all major browsers when setting up a site, so I'm going to look into this and figure out what went awry.

    Oh, and if you're suggesting browsers, I'd skip Safari and go with Opera 🙂

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