Dream Sweet Dreams

With some of the shocking and unexpected deaths that have occurred this past week, I’m sure there are many people thinking about mortality right now. Billy Mays’ death strikes me as most shocking, for at this time, there is no information about how he passed. It was so unexpected. Not to mention two well known entertainers, Michael Jackson and Ed McMahon.

I feel it’s important to not focus just on death, but life as well. Yes, it is sad when someone important to us passes, especially when it is a family member.  However, acceptance is an important step to moving on. Make sure to take the time you need to mourn, but allow yourself to continue expressing life. I feel that the best way to honor the memory of the departed is to continue expressing you.

So, yes we once again are reminded of our mortality. The good or bad news is that we don’t know what happens after this existence. I have my own theories as I am sure you all do as well. But, don’t let it impede your life. Continue to celebrate your life and live how you see fit. Carpe Diem, as they say.

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