Update 04/13/2009

Yes, I haven’t been posting any blogs in a while, and for that I do apologize!  School has been keeping my busy.  It’s going well so far and I’m really enjoying the online class taking experience.  I’m already a bit over half way through.  I really feel like I made the smart decide to go back to school.

On another note, I finished my story for the World of Warcraft writing contest and I did submit it on Saturday!  I think it came out relatively well.  Unfortunately, I did not have much time to edit it, so it’s probably a bit rough around the edges.  Even so, I’m proud of how it ended up!  I’ve added the story to my downloads section of my site for all of you to read it.  It really focuses on my real WoW characters and adds an interesting back story.

The story takes place during the time when WoW started lore wise.  Scotrin, a mage recently suspended by the Kirin Tor, continues a personal quest to find the murder of his lost love.  He travels to Westfall, a county of the kingdom of Storwind, to begin his investigation.  There is adventure and mystery as Scotrin deals with the nefarious Defias Brotherhood!  Download it now! The Defias Mystery

Ok then, so that is what I have to report for this week!  Happy week to you all!

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