Ask what you can do for your country, unless it's Jury Duty!

I recently recieved a letter from the state of California.  It was a jury duty summons.  I’ve been on a jury once in my life and I must say it’s really not that bad.  Though it does kind of get in the way as far as your daily life.

When I got the letter, I wasn’t too surprised.  This was the third time I had received one.  The last time, I was just within a year since my first summons, so I was able to get out of it.  This time, I had to call a number instead of visiting the court house.  So, I was a reserve juror, so to speak.  After calling back for the past few days, I found out this morning that I wasn’t needed and I had fulfilled my jury duty responsibility.  I was glad.  Though, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to serve again.

It can be a pain, but everyone has to do it at some point.  Justice is what it’s all about!

And yes, I’m back from my little “unoffical” vacation!

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