Love Fool

I thought I’d post a little poem I finished just in time for Valentines day.  I’m not one to celebrate this holiday (never have any real reason to), but I thought I’d take my stab at writing poetry.  Keep in mind that I don’t write a lot of poems and it doesn’t rhyme.  It was just for fun!

It comes without warning,

To consume your heart,

To bring you closer together,

To unite.

Sometimes it ends in heartbreak,

It hurts so much,

It feels like a failure,

It feels like a loss.

But it’s worth it in the end,

What doesn’t kill makes us stronger,

What we learn is invaluable,

What we love will grow.

Do not feel foolish if you lose,

Do not hide or run away,

For as they say,

Better to not have loved.

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