The Fray and WoW.

The Fray’s new music album was released today, titled, “The Fray.”  I have to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to their new songs so far.  I had to get the super duper version with lots of bonus content.  I really think it’s better then their first album, “How to Save a Life,” and I really like that album too.  What I like most so far are the sounds and melodies.  The words, well I’ll get them down eventually, but I always focus on the sounds of the instruments and how they flow together first.  I can tell already that I’m going to enjoy this album for a long, long time.

World of Warcarft.  I have gotten sucked into it again!  Not really surprising, since it’s really an innovative MMORPG.  It’s simple, yet dynamic and the interface works well.  I found the collectors edition on ebay and decided to bid on it.  I only over paid about 3 dollars, so I feel like I lucked out.  I’m playing the trial version of WotLK(Wrath of the Lich King) right now.  Of course, I may have to wait to start up my account after the free trial is over.

As for the site, I’m taking a break from it for a bit, but I’ll be sure to add another chapter of “Wade” soon enough. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Fray and WoW.

  1. Haha, one generally doesn't want to complain about their job too much, especially online, if they are seeking other employment. All for the same reason one doesn't want to complain about their previous job/boss in an interview. World of Warcraft, women, and writing… keep it on that 😉 Hmm.. even including work, everything starts with a W. I'm afraid.

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