Writing Takes Time

I’ve recently decided to revisit “Fallen Raven” and see if I was on to something with that project. I’ve left it alone for a whole year. Sometimes as a writer it’s good to take a break from a large project. Now I feel like I have a fresh perspective. Sometimes when I go back and read my previous work, I wonder what I was thinking. Other times I find that my writing skill has increased. So, I have begun another editing stage for “Fallen Raven.” I just thought it was worth doing. Plus, come on with a title like that, it deserves to be published! I’ve read through the first couple of chapters so far. I like the beginning. I may just end up making some drastic changes though, you never know. “Fallen Raven” was supposed to be a new and improved version of “The Last Rejection.” At least, an improvement on the basic idea of what my first book was about. However, I may rethink the idea, or I could just stick with what I’ve got. That would be easier then to change major plot points in the novel.

I know I should finish the next chapter of “Wade,” but I’ve gotten lazy on it. I do like Jack Wade a lot. I think he’s a really cool character, so I will eventually get back to work on it. I have no excuse now that I have so much free time on my hands. But, I’m not sure this whole police procedural idea is working. The question is, “Does this feel realistic enough?” I’m not a cop, nor do I have any law enforcement background, so sometimes I wonder if it’s enough to say I watch a lot of Law and Order. But, I do think it gives you a taste of my writing style, though i usually stick to sci-fi and romantic comedy. I’ve always like the film noir style.

Sadly, my next short story project has hit a snag. I have the introduction and prologue finished, but I’m sort of stuck on the first chapter. I’m just not sure about the structure and do I really want this to be too much like my real life story? Even if I add some creative license to the story and say it’s fiction, people will probably still think it’s totally based on my life. Who knows, maybe I’ll just set this project aside until I finish “Fallen Raven.”

So, I’m going to try to focus on my second novel again and probably “Wade” too. Don’t forget to visit the new web forum for this site!  http://scottdavidbrown.freeforums.org/

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