Youtube Video Blog Reborn

So my friends, I’ve decided to bring back my old video blog, except the old videos are gone.  I only had two anyway.  I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I really did like YouTube when I first started using it a couple of years ago.  I’m amazed at how much attention I was able to get just within the first week I started video blogging.  I guess sometimes it’s more fun to see my silly face and hear my voice then to just read my posts. 🙂

As of right now I’m reduced to some low quality blogging because my old webcam doesn’t work with Vista.  I’d ask Bill Gates to buy me a new one, but somehow I don’t think he will.  For now, my cell phone will have to do.  I think the video quality is pretty satisfactory, however the sound quality is something left to be desired.  I suppose I could have tried just doing an audio blog but I don’t know of any site called “YouHear” or “YouTalk.”  Maybe someone should get on that?

Expect to see more video blogs in the future.  I hope you don’t mind me using my cell phone.  If you are going to complain about it, then you can spend the money on a new webcam for me. 🙂

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