The Japaneses Canadian Wonder

What a week it has been.  I felt a change was needed in my life and maybe I still do.  There’s a lot going on in my life right now and I’ve been feeling restless.  I’m feeling much better now.  I came really close this week to deciding to sell my car.  I have a nice 2005 Honda Civic(they call it a value package model) and I’m close to paying it off.  It’s technically a Japanese/Canadian car.  It was build in Canada, but the parts came from Japan.  I like to think of it as an immigrant.  I’m weird.

So, I was looking at Toyota Prius’, or is that Priusi?  I don’t know, anyway I love them to death, financial death at least.  Still to expensive to buy, but mouth watering.  It really got me thinking though about my car and how you could say it’s the standard gasoline version of a hybrid.  OK, so it may only get 35MPG at best (I’m averaging about 33MPG), but so what?  For a long time I really wanted a “green” car and I now feel that I have one.  Thank goodness I came to be senses before I bought a 2007 Ford Taurus, no offense to the car mind you.

Every few years I get the urge to go into more debt and by a new car.  And every time I come to the conclusion that I really can’t afford to.  You would think I would get the point by now.  However, I think this week was good.  I figured out why my car is so great and I know that if I do buy a new car in the future it’s going to be a hybrid.  (Or I could always have my civic converted into an electric car.)  Why was I so concerned about sending money over seas for oil when I don’t have to send as much.  Maybe that is just good enough for now.  I mean eventually the oil will be all gone anyway, though that’s still a long time in the future.  I’m really glad that alternative fuels get so much media time.

What did I finally decide to do then?  Well, I’m obviously keeping my car for starters.  I’m also going to try and re-finance my car.  I am close to owing about $4000 on the car.  Not bad.  I’, paying about $350 a month.  So, I figure I could get that monthly payment down a little bit, that would be nice.  With my hours less these days I just don’t have as much money as I used to.  That sort of brings up perhaps another topic later involving employment.  🙂

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