Update 12/12/08

I just got back my proof copy of my audio book from cafepress and I didn’t like how it turned out.  It really isn’t about the pictures, I new they wouldn’t be great.  Its the templates, I don’t think they are formatted correctly with their printing machines.  So, I have decided to try a different company, createspace.com.  Operated by Amazon.com, it seems to be a much more professional set up.  Unfortunately, for my friend Mark, he’s got to redo the album artwork to fit the new templates.  I don’t think it will be much trouble as we can just use the same photos we took on Monday.

This does mean that the audio book will not be released as soon as I had hoped.  However, I want the audio book to look right.  So, this must be done.  There is some good news.  Createspace.com has the option to have a down-loadable version of the audio book too.  So, I’m going to do that, and the download version should be ready before the CD version.  I want to do both so that people will have a choice.  I haven’t heard anything back from iTunes yet, but this would work out just fine even if iTunes decides not to publish my audio book.

For now, I’d say about two more weeks till the CD format is released.  I have to order a proof once I have everything set up.  Then I have to aprove the final product.  Just sit tight everyone, it won’t be much longer…

If you come to my site regularly, you will notice that the “Wade” page is missing.  I have changed it to my “Download” page now.  You can still download the latest version of “Wade”, which is up to chapter 4, and you can download the first chapter of “My Imperfect Life” in all of it’s audio greatness(if I may be so bold to say)!  I hope to have other down-loadable content there in the future.

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