Just Shoot Me

I’m glad to say that I’ve finished the final edit of the sound files for the audio book!  They are formatted and ready to go.  Mark came by today and brought his professional digital camera with him.  We got some really great shots for the cover art.  I’m really excited to see what the finished product will look like.  The photos we took today look much better then the preliminary shots I took last week.  It shouldn’t be too much longer till the audio book is finished.

Once “My Imperfect Life” is finished, there will be a few changes to the website too.  I’ll have a download area and the online shop will have some new additions.  I’m also going to be looking into changing the look and feel of the shop later next year.  With this project now about complete, I’ll be working more on “Fear” and possible another short story.

And don’t forget, there is still my featured cameo role in, “Get Back.”  Be sure to check out the website for the upcoming film.

4 thoughts on “Just Shoot Me

  1. Hahah, why such a glum post title??

    Post body: "Man, I've been doing alot of cool things and I'm happy that it's all wrapping up nicely."
    Post title: "KILL ME BECAUSE I HATE LIFE!!"

  2. Hehe, oh Mark you don't want enough Television. "Just Shoot Me" was the name of a funny sitcom with David Spade and George Segal. David was a secretary at a fashion magazine. So, its more of a play on words, like shooting pictures instead of shooting a gun? 🙂

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