Ode to the Audio Book

I’m pleased to announce that I am finished recording the audio book!  I’m pleased to be able to take a break now from my projects.  The audio book has taken up so much of my time and the last phase won’t require as much of me.  The concept of the cover art is still in the brain storm phase but I hope to have it finished before Christmas.  It’s going to be a very professional design.  The CD will come in a jewel case just like if you were to buy it from a retail store.  There will also be a little booklet inside and the CD will have the title or the cover art printed on it.  Rest assured it should look quite nice when all is said and done.  As I may have said before, the CD will be available on cafepress.com, via my online store.  I think it would make a great present for the holidays, *hint hint.*

I would also like to take this time to thank those of you who visit my website regularly.  I really appreciate your feedback and your loyalty.  So far, this site seems to be doing much better then my former site.  I do like the blog style much better and this allows me to update the site more frequently.  And I do apologise that I haven’t written the next chapter in the “Wade” series.  Now that I am finished with the audio book recording I should have more time to focus on “Wade” again. 😀

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