It's Thanksgivin'!

Well, it’s officially my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  Yes, it’s awesome because you get to eat lots of amazing things!  I eat turkey a lot, but it’s a wonderful time to get together with friends and family.  I also get to think about wonderful Black Friday.  Yes I get to work tomorrow, oh great, I bet it’s going to be insane and I’m going to have a lot of crap to deal with.

Still, it’s thanksgiving and for now I can relax.  Also, you can start thinking about what you are going to get me for Christmas!  I would like a Toyota Prius, if you have an extra lying around you don’t want anymore, just give it to me!  I’d prefer at least a 2004 or later model, since you can convert it into a plug in.  What’s a plug in?  Well just got to and you can learn all about them.  Or, if you are really cool, you COULD give me an electric car.  And no not one of those toy cars, it’s a regular car that runs on electricity.  They may not as much range as a standard gasoline powered car, but it would be good enough for me!

But, seriously, lets get back to Thanksgiving.  We really need to focus and think about what we are thankful for.  During this time especially we need to really be thankful!  Times may seem tough, but we’ve been here before.  I know it will get better.  I’m optismistic.  So, I could be wrong, it could get a lot worse.  But, I’ll just assume that things will get better.  Isn’t that just dandy? 🙂

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