America Needs You!

I’m feeling rather patriotic today.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing too much Fallout 3 lately.  It takes place in a post apocalyptic Washington DC.  There’s a lot of American history in the game and music that you probably have heard on the 4th of July. 🙂

Tomorrow is a very important day for America.  It’s time for all of us to do our civic duty.  Everyone has the choice to make, vote or not vote.  Hopefully most of you have decided to vote.  If you live in California, then there are quite a bit of propositions on the ballet(I for one am looking forward to the end of the proposition advertising on TV).  I’m not going to reveal my stance on who and what I’m going to vote for.  But, I wanted to celebrate this historical election.

Even though it there really only seems to be two candidates to vote for, Obama and McCain, there are in fact many other parties with presidential candidates.  Sometimes I like to vote for a third party candidate.  It may not really affect much, but if you are someone who doesn’t like the two main choices then why not vote for a less known candidate? 

And though I’m about to leave the subject, I would like to announce that I have finished my first draft of “Larry” and I’m starting the editing phase.  I still haven’t come up with an offical title yet and I’m not sure how I’m going to get it published.  I’m still excited with it though!  Also, the next chapter of “Wade” is going to be delayed a bit.  I’ve gotten a little busier then normal!

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