Latest Update 10/28/08

Good news, I’ve added another chapter to the “Wade” series.  I also have a link on the Wade page to download the latest version of the story in PDF file format.  This will make it easier for me to add chapters each week without just posting each chapter separately or adding to the Wade page.  Be sure to check back each week as there will likely be a new chapter added!

Also, on somewhat of a sad note, it seems that is no longer accepting admissions to their Amazon Shorts program.  Unfortunately, I am now no longer to submit my short story, “Larry.”  I was planning to have publish it.  So for now, Larry will remain unpublished until I find another avenue to publish it.  On a lighter note, you can still download a copy of “Little White Lie” from  You can click on the picture of it on my website which will direct you to the story on

Now that I am finished with the first draft of “Larry,”  I’ll be focusing now more on my first epic sci-fi novel, “Fear.”  I’m looking forward to the editing process of “Larry.”  Please note that both projects are still a work in progress and that there is no official title for both at this time.  I’m going to be rolling out more updates each week and adding new content!

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