Max Payne

It’s not very often I can say this about a video game brought to the big screen, but “Max Payne” surprised me in a good way.  Most often then not, video games tend to get a bad rap in Hollywood.  Most of the time, they end up not being very good.  “Hitman” is, unfortunately, the perfect example of it going wrong.

However, “Max Payne” seems to shine above the rest.  It’s not perfectly accurate to the game series.  That is to be expected, However, the movie is very close to the game.  The important characters are all there, if a bit different in some cases.  The mood of the film fits with the game.  As Max is looking back to the past when things were good for him, the colors are brighter and vibrant.  Present day for Max uses a lot more darker colors and gives a dark feel to the film.  The settings remind me a lot of the game and I think the overall feel was brought to the big screen quite well.

There are a few things that some of the fans might be picky about, but all in all the film works well.  I think most fans of the video game series will agree and maybe we’ll see another Payne adventure in the future…

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