You may have noticed an addition to my website recently.  

You may have noticed an addition to my website recently.  “Wade” was a small project that I started a few months ago, but I have servilely neglected it. It was my first stab at a detective novel, however, I’ve decided to publish it here on my website. I’ll be adding a chapter every week or so as a chance to give a little taste of my work. “Fear” and “Larry” have my focus right now, but I can continue to make some effort to work on “Wade” as well.

Also you have have noticed that I have added some more links to other websites. Absolute Write has been very useful in helping me with my craft. The members there give great advice. Many of them are published authors as well, so if any of you out there are writers be sure to visit it. Dictionary.com is a great source for words. There’s also a thesaurus there too, which I find most helpful. And Litmatch.com is great if you have a finished work that you want to find agents for. I’m planning on using the site to help keep track of my submissions to literary agents.

I’m having fun updating this site and seem to be pretty good so far about updating it regularly. I hope to add some fun new things in the near future.

One thought on “Wade

  1. I was going to say something when I first saw this entry, but I was in a rush and I forgot – you shouldn't underline your book titles, because in the internet world… it looks like a link. Try italics instead, unless you enjoy confusing folks 😉

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