"That One"

So even though I usually try not to talk politics outside of the family, I thought there was something interesting about last nights debate.  I actually watched it on CNN’s website, admiringly I forgot all about the debate.

After watching the whole thing, there was one moment in the debate that really caught my attention more then others.  “That one.”  I thought it was a very strange remark on the part of Senator McCain.  Many people are already starting to claim it was a racist remark.  I’m not quite sure about that, though it could have been.  I don’t think that was McCain’s intention.  Despite that, it’s understandable that people would interpret that remark as racist.

It’s further evidence to me that Senator McCain is frustraited with his campaine falling behind.  As I look to the polls it does seem that Senator Obama is leading.  I think it’s a shame really that McCain seems to be loosing his edge.  I mean, I like the McCain from 2000, but he seems very different today.

I think statements like “that one” isn’t going to help McCain at all.  He certainly should have known that.  He was probably just getting too emotional about his own experience and let it slip.

I think this is a very critical election.  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens come November.

One thought on “"That One"

  1. I didn't see it (I was working), but I didn't watch the first one, either 😉 The biggest key is that, no matter what, it's all still politics, which is a lost cause. One of the few "politicians" I've liked is Ron Paul, but he'll never stand a chance because he doesn't play the game of politics… and that is what one needs to do to win. If it's the white guy with the attractive vice president who wins, or if it's the black guy with the non-attractive vice president who wins – either way, it'll still be much of the same.

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