A Writer's Work is Never Done!


I’m up late, a bit past midnight, because I decided to do a little update to the site. I’ve added a new page aptly titled, “Works in Progress.” I just thought I’d give a tiny taste to you all of what I am working on. Currently I have two novels and one short story under development. Fallen Raven is in the final editing phase and I’m really proud of this one. I think it shows how far I have come since The Last Rejection. It’s a similar theme, science fiction, lot’s of action, and the like. However, Fallen Raven delivers more action and thrills. I feel like it flows better, moves at a fast pace, and doesn’t try to be too many genres at once.

Fear” is my third novel that I am working on. It’s a political sci-fi novel. I’m exploring the idea of what might happen should the United States become a world threat under a religious dictatorship. It’s definitely going to be a bit controversial, but the idea of the story is to show what fear can do to a society. It’s my biggest project to date and looks to be my first epic tale. I have not yet decided on an official title yet.

Larry” is my newest short story about a man who suddenly becomes down on his luck. I find that comedy is more difficult to write, but I’m really enjoying it so far. The main theme of this story is money. Too often we worry about having enough money and greed seems to be a big problem these days. So, for these tough economic times, we could use a laugh to take our minds off our troubles.  And yes there is no offical title for this short story either.

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