Welcome to the Offical Site of Scott D Brown


Since this is my first entry to my new blog and redesigned site I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mark Mushakian for his tireless work in giving me a new start on the Internet. My old site needed a major make over and I think we’re off to a great start.


Some of the update include:

-New layout and look-and-feel

-Updates to the Biography page and the completed works page

-Blog style main page

-New web site address


I felt that my old site needed a new layout. Since my old site was www.thelastrejection.com, my focus was just on my first novel. It was the start of my writing career and I didn’t have any other projects or other published works. Now that things have changed, it made sense to shut down my old site and start a new one. So, now my focus is on my writing career in general. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to change the overall presentation of the site.


I will be adding other pages in the future and I want to talk about my other projects as well. For now, I’ll be working on this blog. I’ll also have links to other sites that are helpful to writers and share my own advice about the craft of writing. I’m still a little new to the literary world, but I have already had experiences that I feel might be helpful to other inspiring writers.


Feel free to look around and don’t forget to stop by Amazon.com to check out my first novel, The Last Rejection and my short story, Little White Lie. The Amazon Shorts program is a wonderful place to discover new writers and maybe some old favorites. You can download short stories for only 49 cents. Many of them allow copies to be printed, so you can have your own hard copy. I prefer having a hard copy myself.


Thanks for coming to my site!

-Scott D Brown

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