New Career Change: Journalism!

For those of you who know me, you might say that I can be indecisive. I decide to do one thing and sometimes I change my mind. I probably do that more often than I am willing to admit. Looking back, I remember wanting to be several things over the decades: musician, actor, writer, cop, therapist, and news reporter. Today the journalism bug bit me again. It’s something that comes and goes, much like writing was until I committed to it. Now I write just about every day. I’m not always writing my short stories and novels, but I do have a journal that I write in daily. Of course, I can’t forget all the research papers I’ve had to write!

This blog is a great place for me to practice my writing, yet I tend to neglect this site! I blame Xbox for that and my need to get all the achievements in Perfect Dark and Gears of War. I know, excuses! Well, I am glad that I have been making more progress in The Lost Elf book 3. It got me thinking, I can sit down and write for a couple of hours straight when I’ve got a groove going. I’ve always thought writing as a career would be perfect for me, but I always focused on novels and fiction. I think it’s time that I consider non-fiction. Having a degree in psychology (soon to be two) means that I could look for work in psychology as a journalist. I’m also thinking about obtaining a journalism degree. Having some writing classes under my belt is helpful, including technical writing, so it doesn’t sound crazy.

It’s been a challenge for me to pinpoint a specific career that is a good fit. I tend to throw out ideas to see if something sticks. However, for the first time ever I seem to have a better direction. Once I have my masters degree, I can become a psychology professor. I want to teach online. This will allow me to pursue other interests. So who knows what will happen, maybe I’ll be a psychology journalist. Those do exist right? (Yes, yes they do).

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  1. This better not just be a ploy to stay in school longer ;)

    Really, though, sounds like a great new venture! Journalism is such an interesting field now, too,.. the Internet has changed so much. With your interest in environmental issues, I’d think that would be a good path, too.


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